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  • Sunless Sea Open Mic: Poetry & Spoken Word

    Every Tuesday from 7:30 pm on, I’ll be at the Unurban Coffee House (3301 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica, CA) with organizer DeForeest Wright for the Sunless Sea Open Mic! Stop by, or tune in to our live feed. We also have a Facebook group for poets that’s growing rapidly. Join here 🙂

  • Conestoga Zen Volume 2

    I’m excited to announce that four of my poems were published in Conestoga Zen Volume 2: LIGHTBEARERS WAYFINDERS, which I also helped to edit along with Minca Borg, emally june breffle, Rustin Larson, Angela Sickler, Almedia Stewart, Maggie Ventsias, and Aliyah Warwick! Paperback copies are purchase-able here on lulu! And here is a sneak peek…